Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

Vegan "Milk" Chocolate! First attempt!

A while back, I bought (fair trade and organic) cocoa butter and powdered almond milk (well, basically powdered almonds - since it's solely made from almonds). For all of you German speakers: I got the almond milk powder here and the cocoa butter as well.

Today, I felt Christmas-y and ready to try something new, so I tried to make some milk chocolate. I am not 100 % happy with how it turned out, so I won't release the recipe yet, but I promise, I will once it's good enough!

It's not bad... it's just not perfect yet.

The only four ingredients that I used were cocoa butter, powdered sugar, almond milk powder (with not maltodextrin or other sugars added!) and cocoa powder. Since most recipes or lists of ingredients of chocolate bring up "cocoa mass", I had to find out what that was... It's a mixture of cocoa butter and cocoa powder in case anyone is interested. So if a list of ingredients asks for cocoa mass and cocoa butter, you will have more cocoa butter than the amount actually labelled as such.

I melted cocoa butter in a bain marie, then added sugar, cocoa powder and almond milk powder. Once everything turned into a nice and smooth paste, I poured it into chocolate bar molds.

I am going to experiment with different amounts of ingredients and will let you know once I have a recipe that's ready to be released to the world! :) The main problem so far was that I had little lumps and that the texture wasn't perfect yet.