Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Party Food: Spring Rolls

As I am putting up the recipes for the dishes served at the boyfriend's and my birthday party, I am running out of witty things to write in the opening paragraph. So here are the spring rolls, they're awesome. Especially with sambal oelek!


  • Vegetables of your choice! I used:
  • 5 large carrots
  • 4 medium sized onions
  • 1 leek
  • ca. 300g of soy sprouts
  • soy sauce
  • roasted sesame oil
  • a pack of spring roll pastry
  • either a deep fryer full of oil or a pan and plenty of oil for frying
  • a little bit of salt

Also great to be taken to work for lunch! <3

Look for something like this in your local Asian supermarket!


  • Allow the spring roll pastry to thaw for a while (as it is usually sold frozen).
  • Peel carrots and slice them into thin slices. I was lazy and just ran them through my food processor.
  • Cut onions in slices.
  • Clean leek and cut in slices.
  • I usually fry the vegetables in portions. Make sure you don't fry too much in one pan, so the veggies do not get soggy. No one wants soggy veggies. :)
  • So: Fry portions of the sliced veggies and lightly season them with salt. 
  • Fry them at medium to high-ish heat to get a nice roast on them without making them too soft. You want them firm. I didn't fry the soy sprouts, just mixed them in with the other fried veggies after they were good. (Sitting in a bowl with the steamy fried veggies plus eventually being deep fried as part of the spring roll left them nice and crunchy, but not raw.)
  • Put the fright veggies in a big bowl. Season with a bit of soy sauce and a few splashes of roasted sesame oil.
  • Peel layers of the spring roll pastry from the pile of pastry.
  • Take some veggies and place them on the pastry. If they're a bit soggy, allow the excess moisture to drip down before you place the veggies on the pastry.

  • Roll your spring rolls as pictured above. 
  • Either fry them in plenty of oil in a pan or put them in the deep fryer. Either way, you may want to place them on a paper towel after frying. 

If you like hot sauce like me, don't forget to serve the spring rolls with some hot sauce or sambal oelek!