Montag, 3. Februar 2014

A Vegan Café Start-up Business Needs Your Help!

tl;dr: Help out my awesome friends open a vegan café in Duisburg. Link to crowd funding project here.

I like cooking and baking and sharing food with other people. I guess it comes naturally that I surround myself with people who do the same. Friends of mine are currently planning to open a vegan café in the city of Duisburg in Germany. They have found a really nice location, a former handicrafts workshop, that is now being transformed into a cozy place where they can serve their yummy food.

Dennis & Sarah
photo by Marcus Kösters/

I have known Sarah and Dennis for quite a while now and love going to their guerilla café once a month. Guerilla what? Basically, they turn their living room and gaming room (oh yes, a room full of sofas and video games. Multiple screens, Super Mario decorations, old skool stuff and new games) into a café, Café Mousebear. You can sign up online, receive confirmation if there are still slots left (because... let's face it - they sell out quickly), show up, eat as much as you want, drink all the fair trade coffee you want and then donate as much as you want.
They have recently also introduced Gamer Nights. The concept is simple: You sign up online, show up, play all the board and video games you want, eat their delicious food (savory and sweet) and in the end donate as much as you want.

Their food is amazing! I am hereby officially blaming them for the size of my butt!

Lupine Blueberry Cakes
photo by Marcus Kösters/
Raw Raspberry Almond Pie
photo by Marcus Kösters/
Bienenstich Cup Cakes (to die for! Oh my!)
photo by Marcus Kösters/
Mozart Cake (chocolate, rum + marzipan!)
photo by Marcus Kösters/

The standard order "a little bit of everything!"
photo by Marcus Kösters/

Now on to the important part - aside from their general awesomeness, host qualities and good food!
Sarah and Dennis are going to open up an actual café. No online sign up, limited only in the number of chairs that are available. And of course this won't happen for free. Ovens and refridgerators need to be purchased, food needs to be made. And since they were not born filthy rich, they need your help

They started a crowdfunding project and have thrown in some pretty nice perks (including hugs! I can recommend those!) for those who help them out in this crucial planning stage! If they can get the money together, Duisburg is going to have a wonderful new meeting place with sweet and savory food, made with love, served with even more love. They are going to have small concerts and book reading sessions at the café, display local artists' work and will generally make the world a better place!

I have already supported them and would really appreciate if you could take a look and check out their ideas (and food) to consider chipping in a bit of money for their dream. 

Thank you! <3