Dienstag, 8. Oktober 2013

Welcome to Squirrel of Nom's Tasty Treats!

Ever since I started posting pictures of my food on facebook (yes, I'm one of those people), I have been asked to start a café, a bistro, a restaurant, a lunch service, or... at least (!) a food blog. I am hereby giving in to those demands! Here is Squirrel of Nom's Tasty Treats for you!

I am going to post pictures of food that I've made, and might also include recipes when possible. I'm saying "when possible," because - in my kitchen - cooking and baking always involves a nice dash of throwing random unplanned ingredients into pots and pans to see what happens. If I'm in a rush or don't see the point of explaining how to boil the perfect potato, I may not post a recipe immediately. You are always welcome to ogle the food my friends and me devour. A quick request for a recipe has never hurt either, so if it's not there, just remind me that there is someone who would actually like to know how I made a particular dish.

Since I'm a vegetarian, none of my recipes will involve dead animals. Instead I have opted for mouthwatering plant-based awesomesauce that usually even tends to be on the healthy side. (Let's face it. When it comes to cupcakes, that statement is a stark lie.) The majority of my recipes will be vegan and involve plenty of ingredients from organic farms and fair trade companies.

I am thinking about posting this blog in English and German. Which language would you prefer? If you speak German, would you mind that the recipes were in English?

Give me your feedback and some ideas on what you would like to see!

I am looking forward to reading from you!

- Squirrel* of Nom
*Squirrel because of the color of my hair!