Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

Vegan food is boring, doesn't taste good, but that's probably because it's mostly kale.

Ah, I love hearing "But then... what DO you eat?" and "What are you allowed to eat?" Fortunately, I'm allowed to eat anything I want, except I chose not to eat some things.

So, today, I won't give you any recipes, but only things that may illustrate all the things I eat. :)
If you see any thing you like and want the recipe, just let me know and I'll post a blog on that specific dish!

Tiny tiny cupcakes!

Raspberry Cheesecake!

Pasta "Bolognese"

Cabbage salad, pancakes, "frikadellen" and apple sauce.
Odd combination - tasted great!

Roasted vegetables, potatoes and
soy yoghurt sauce with fresh herbs

Puff pastry with spinach and cashew feta

Avocado cream with fresh basil and tomatoes

Bulgur salad with cranberries,
avocadochunks, and fresh basil,
plus roasted vegetables

Nachos (store bought) with
vegan cheese sauce.
Easier than you would think! 

Apple Crumble with
Salted Caramel Sauce

Filled eggplants with
oven-baked potatoes
and herb cream

Home made cream cheese! On self-baked bread.
With organic tomatoes.

Mushroom Pizza Pt. I

Mushroom Pizza Pt. II

Boiled potatoes, mock duck,
cooked red cabbage and a mushroom cream sauce 

Fried noodles with veggies and
vegan (TSP) "beef" bits

Creamy potato salad with smoked tofu
(with herbs and roasted sunflower seeds)

Potato salad with hummus and veggie "frikadellen"

Finger Food! Roasted mushrooms filled with homemade cream cheese,
roasted bell peppers filled with paprika hummus

Big ol' salad with smoked tofu

Huge filled zucchini!

Chocolate pistachio cupcakes!

What we eat in the heat of the summer:
Bulgur salad with cranberries and avocado,
roasted vegetables and za'atar spices.

Fried noodles with mock duck

Portobello mushroom burger on home made wholewheat buns

Smoked tofu burger with arugula on
homemade wholewheat/amaranth buns.

Fresh wholewheat bread filled with spinach and cashew feta

Ice cream made from nothing but frozen bananas and fresh strawberries

Bento for work:
Potato salad, soy schnitzel, bell peppers

Courtesy of the boyfriend: Broccoli and yellow bell peppers,
topped with toasted almonds and an almond-butter based lemon sauce

Probably one of the best burgers ever!

Chocolate Cupcakes

Lemon Almond Cupcakes

Pistachio Rosewater Cupcakes

Chocolate Chai Cupcakes

Lemon Cupcake

Best festival food: 2kg of fresh local strawberries and a beer!

Chocolate cupcakes with a vanilla topping


Tonka bean flavored cupcake!

We like a good barbecue!

It's a wrap! With home made kebab seitan

Stracciatella Cupcakes

More Chocolate Chai Cupcakes

Chocolate Vanilla Cupakes

Chocolate Chai Cupcakes
(yes, they're pretty popular)

Whole wheat + popped amaranth pancakes with
fresh bananas, raspberries, and raspberry yoghurt icream 

Red lentil and veggie soup
topped with chili, toasted hazelnuts and herbs

Build your own kebab at work!

Fresh bread at its best!

Bulgur salad with fresh cress and a soy schnitzel

A quick snack for those who don't have
a kitchen: Crackers with a paprika bread spread
fresh bell pepper and cress

Cake pops!

Oooh, Curry. I love you.

Roasted bell peppers filled with hummus

Lemon Cupcake with Lemon Curd

Fried potatoes, caramelized onions,
roasted bellpeppers, and veggie frikadellen

Leftovers! Peas, red cabbage, mock duck and home made spring rolls

Sushi. <3

Seitan kebab

Broccoli cream soup with sautéd mushrooms,
mock duck on a stick, and tomato bread (with dried tomatoes)

Bento! Red Cabbage salad, brussel's sprouts, falafel and hummus

Matcha Cupcakes

Assorted cupcakes at an
academic conference:
Chocolate Chai
Lemon Almond
and Matcha

More cupcakes at our birthday party
Chocolate Chai
Lemon Almond
and Matcha

Self-explanatory! :)

Chocolate Darth Vader Cake

Hmmm. Cheeeeese Sauce

Winter stew with tons of different vegetables

Bulgur quinoa salad with fresh basil,
cranberries and dried tomatoes

chicken-less, wing-less
chicken wings 

Creamy potato salad

Spring rolls


"Honey" aioli, hummus, guacamole, and "Mett"

Nothing beats fresh bread!

Puff pastry filled with spinach and cashew feta

Lentil curry soup

Lots and lots of food!

Home made hazelnut milk

Wrap with cheese sauce, veggies and seitan


  1. I love how GREAT everything looks! ^^ I love the color balance in your food (so artistic! ^_^) and how incredibly FRESH it all looks! Can't wait to get a good peek into the process of making all this fabulous nomnomnomies! <3 Love you like broccoli! ~Meowdi

    1. Thanks, Keri! Fresh veggies are the path to happiness! :) If you want me to post a blog about a specific dish you saw on this list, let me know! Love you like broccoli! <3

  2. Heya Insa :) Thanks for this blog. I am sure it will help me in my culinaristic adventures, and as I myself mostly eat nonmeat food, and often prefer whole wheat and organic stuff, it's nice to learn from your blog.

    As a still unemployed student I may dare not to purchase some extraordinary, perhaps expensive, ingredients required for some specific vegan food or treat, maybe a delicious vegan dessert or so, especially if I don't often need such an ingredient. (Or maybe if it stays fine for long time without deteriorating, that ingredient, chances for my purchasing it might be bigger.)

    Maybe one idea, about which you could write sometime on your blog, is about some ingredients you often need in vegan food, in making thas stuff in those pics you posted. I am sure, that for me and many others, especially unemployed ones, one obstacle in making some foods is that those recipes contain some special ingredients not often used or expensive.

    Would you sometime want to write a guide about vegan ingredients listed, the most used ones for example, which can be used in many recipes? Dunno if there's need for that in your opinion, but just an idea. :)

    - Joni from Finland

    1. Thank you so much for the input, Joni! That's such a great idea! I will definitely post a blog that introduces products that I use a lot which may not necessarily be featured in conventional dishes. This will probably include things like soy (rice/coconut...) cream, different types of tofu (silk tofu, smoked tofu, normal tofu..), seitan and gluten, kala namak salt, .... I'll make a list! :)

      But the most important ingredients of my cooking are (as you may have noticed) fresh veggies and fruit! But I'll go through my pantry to see what kind of special things I have in there that might need introduction!

  3. Thanks Insa! It may help me and many others to know what to buy in the shops and how to will our lockers, as well as make it easier for us to try out new recipes :) Though I myself am willing to improvise in trying recipes and so at times.

    I myself these days bake my own bread and dunno when was the last time I bought bread from the shop. I gotta try your recipe here :)

    - Joni