Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

The Perfect (and Healthy) Milk Shake

For some reason I never liked bananas. I have no idea why that was the case, but that's what I had to deal with most of my life.
I recently decided to give bananas another go and it turned out: Bananas are awesome. Maybe the minions (see below) had something to do with my change of mind.

So now, I am starting to discover the beauty of banana based food. My current favorite: Banana Chocolate Milk Shake! It takes a bit of prep time, but the type of prep time, where you do one thing and the let it sit for a while while you do whatever it is you want to do. You also need a blender and a freezer.

The Perfect Banana Chocolate Milk Shake


  • 2 ripe bananas (even if they're a bit riper than you'd usually like... this is a great way to use up "not so pretty" produce)
  • around 200ml of oat milk (we're utterly in love with "Smelk" by Kölln)
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder (not the sugary type you'd use for hot chocolate, but the pure, good cocoa) 

What to do?

  • Cut the bananas into small chunks and put them in the freezer (in a box or bag). 
  • Wait. And while you wait, you can tell someone you love that you love them. 
  • Once the banana chunks are frozen (45 minutes in the freezer should do), you drop them in the blender, add the milk and cocoa powder. 
  • Blend. 
  • This is really it. You should have a nice, smooth, awesome banana chocolate shake

I like to buy my cocoa powder from fair trade sources. Fair trade is usually a bit more expensive than the regular stuff because child labor is banned, people receive a living wage, sustainable farming is encouraged and taught... things like that. Definitely something of which I approve. :)