Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

Product Test: Daiya Cheese - Cheddar Style Shreds

I had heard so many great things about daiya cheese, how it melts and pulls strings like cow cheese does! So when I recently had the chance to get some for a much lower price than usually (227g/8oz. sell for around €7! - I got 2 for the price of one!), I went for it.

What better way to try vegan cheese than on a pizza?

This is what the bag looks like. 

This is what the bag looks like next to homemade pizza dough!
How to make pizza dough and sauce!

The shreds look a little greasy and
taste okay-ish when they're not molten yet.

Before and after baking

Ooooh, the cheesy goodness!

I have tried a number of different types of vegan cheeses and I like daiya quite a bit! It melts beautifully and it's true: It melts like cow milk cheese, it's a bit stringy when you pull out a slice or take a bite. BEAUTIFUL! <3
I really like it, but I am most certainly not willing to pay €7 for 228g. That's over €30 per kilo. I understand that vegan cheese is more expensive because the production is much lower than animal milk cheese, because it isn't subsidized, because many companies avoid cheap ingredients that are harmful to the environment (like palm oil).... I understand all that and I appreciate that awesome stuff like daiya is being made. But it's just not in my budget on a regular day. 

Final commentary!